The Ultimate Online Pokies Guide

So many pokies, so little time. With so many online casinos offering literally thousands of choices, where do you even start?

Let us be your guide.

We have a professional team of reviewers that are crazy about pokies, and spend their time spinning the reels. But they are also very picky about where they play, and which games deserve their attention. So, you can trust them to tell you which the best pokies are, and where they can be found. Just check out their reviews and take note of the ratings, then follow the links to experience the Pokies action in New Zealand for yourself.

How Do Pokies Work?

Perhaps you’re new to the world of online casinos, and are still a little hazy on how exactly pokies even work. Don’t worry, everyone had to learn someday.

Pokies are luck based games that focus on creating matches. Each game has its own unique set of symbols, and when those symbols fall into matching combinations payouts are made. As to which symbols award the highest payouts comes down to the game itself, with an enormous variety available.

Matches must land on paylines, the number of which also varies drastically from game to game. Sometimes just a single paylines is used, while others have as many as 100,000. We pay careful attention to such details, and let you know in our reviews.

Let’s take a look at the key factors.

Pokie Characteristics

Pokies are generally based around the following characteristics;

  • Reels and rows
  • Symbols
  • Paylines
  • Bonuses And Specials

In more detail;

  • Reels And Rows

A pokie will have a set number of reels and rows. Reels are the vertical columns of symbols, and rows the horizontal lines. How symbols are able to match on the reels and rows depends on how the paylines are implemented.

  • Symbols

The value of symbols vary, but details in this regard can be found on a game’s paytable. Some symbols have special properties, such as being Wild, or triggering special features. These properties will also vary drastically from game to game, but again the paytable will shed more light on the specifics.

  • Paylines

Paylines run across the play area, indicating where matches may be formed. Some pokies allow payline numbers to be activated at the cost of higher wagers, while others have all paylines activated at all times. This is another detail we focus on in our reviews.

  • Bonuses And Specials

From Free Spins rounds to multiplier symbols and so much more, there truly is a world of variety to discover in pokies. We pay special attention to how bonuses work in each game, and explain the details in our reviews. When it comes to maximum fun and excitement, bonuses are the ticket.

How Do We Review?

But now you might be wondering; how exactly do we go about writing our reviews?

Our reviewers have spent a ton of time playing pokies, and know what makes the experience enjoyable. Of course, same specifics are up to personal preference, which is why we focus on the core aspects of each game.

  1. Is the game entertaining?
  2. How engaging are the visuals?
  3. Does it have interesting features?
  4. How generous are the payouts?
  5. Is it compatible with a wide range of devices?

Based on these guidelines, our reviewers set out to play games on your behalf, and write reviews. Of course, factors like wager amounts and payout amounts are also mentioned, ensuring that you have as clear a picture as possible before making a choice.

We also don’t have any biases, don’t prefer any software developers over any others, and take our jobs very seriously. So if we say a pokie is top of the range, you can be sure that it is exactly that; top of the range.

We Stay Up To Date

When it comes to staying up to date, we pride ourselves on trying to be the first to review each and every new game. As new pokies are released, we jump at the chance to play it for ourselves. As soon as we have a thorough idea of what it’s all about, a review is written and it is posted here.

So chances are that if you hear about a new game, there will be a review for it ready and waiting. If you don’t find a review for a game you’re interested in, let us know and we’ll get on it as soon as possible.

Let’s Get Started

So now you know what pokies are, and how we go about reviewing them. What are you waiting for? Jump in, take a look around, and start exploring the world of New Zealand online pokies now. Remember that if you find a review you like, we’ll provide links directly to the online casinos that offer the game. Once you’re done, you can return here and see what else is on offer.

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